Artist MatthewDamesMusic Title Brier

Artist Statement

Brier - Lino Cut Print. From a lovely photo of my lovely sister

Being from England and living in a foreign country brings on home sickness, in a place where nearly everyone is an ex patriot in some shape or form. People have to find a way to adjust and fit in. My way has been singings songs and creating artworks of my family.

This particular work entitled “Brier” is of my younger sister who lives in Scotland. I have recreated her, along with my other two siblings, using a 30 by 40 cm block of lino. A fine cutting tool for the hair and a needle to sculpt and stipple the face. I have tried to incorporate an indigenous look about her, to confront the feelings that many non-indiginous people face about not truly belonging to the land in which they live.

I think this art work will weather well outside and look good in the street as the wind whipping her hair makes her look like a strong, proud, indigenous woman. A Brier Rose.