Artist MatthewDamesMusic Title Anna

Artist Statement

Anna - Dry point Print. This work was inspired by a photograph of a moment in time of a

sunny autumn afternoon where Anna and I had spent a weekend in a lovely little

college at Birralee, North of Westbury. I was looking after the cottage for a

lovely flower lady, who I would chat to every day on my way to busk at the

Quadrant Mall.

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Anna and I had a wonderful time looking

after her goats, ducks, chickens and her two lovely dogs Alfie and George. On

Saturday we went up for a walk to LiffeyFalls and Sunday we took the car and

her dogs to Four Springs Lake for a walk and a swim. Anna photographed as we

were driving down to the lake. It was a wonderful weekend and her expression of

surprised delight really sums up the whole experience.