Sixty seconds with JG Styles

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Sixty seconds with JG Styles

What's a piece you wish you'd painted - or an artist you wish you were?

I don't wish to be any artist other than myself.  I have my own style developed over many periods with different influences from a wide range of artists but always end with my own thoughts and twist on things, so to be another artist would not suit me or my own thought process.

If you had to pick one, stencils or aerosol (freestyle) - and why?

Aerosol all they way.  For me it is the best way to go large and public with my art and there are so many ways of achieving affects with a spray can.  I prefer aerosol because I like my work to be public for everyone to see and appreciate, rather than doing canvas work that is hidden away in galleries for only certain people to see.

If not street art, what would you be doing?

If I didn't do street art I would be finding it hard to express my feelings and thoughts, and develop as an artist in general.  If I didn't paint I'd still be doing what I do now: teaching Aboriginal culture, but I wouldn't have the confidence or knowledge I have learnt thru art.

Why is street art an important art form?

I believe street art is very important so our youth can feel like they belong to a culture or lifestyle and continue to produce art for everyone to enjoy. Everyone frowns at a tagged wall, but every street artist at some point has done a tag, then they progress their skill and confidence, and start producing amazing art work that we all can appreciate.  All they need is a push in the right direction to achieve positive outcomes in their art.

Piece you're most proud of doing.

I am most proud of a piece I painted at the Artful Dodgers' studio in Melbourne.  It was the piece that changed the way I use colours and shapes in letters and characters, so that piece sticks out in my mind the most.

Crew or solo work - which do you prefer (and why?)

I prefer solo work as I work at my own pace and I'm a bit wild to blend with.  But I do love collaborating with artists here and there to help improve my own art and for the good times.

What building or landmark would you most like to legally paint - and why?

I would love to paint the side of the QVMAG Art Gallery at Royal Park, as it is a huge wall and a landmark in our city.  I would go top to bottom with a huge character and go wild with it.

Why should kids do it legally?

Young people should do street art legally as it is the best way to achieve positive outcomes and make something positive of themselves. To do it illegally means you're put at a high risk of prosecution and community service orders, all to make a name for yourself or be noticed by your peers.  But you can make a name by legal work, plus half the time you don't have to buy your own paint, haha.

A saying to live by

Proper preparation prevents poor performance... it's your attitude not your aptitude that determines your altitude.

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