Can I enter the street art competition more than once?

You can enter as many designs as you'd like.  Once you register as a user and upload your cv and other details, you can log-in as many times as you need to upload your entries - as long as they're uploaded by 5.00pm on 31 July when the competition closes.

What type of artwork can I enter?

We're looking for designs in all artforms. For example, you can enter street art pieces in any style, such as writing, stencils, paste-ups, etc, or you can enter any type of traditional art.

The designs can be fully coloured artworks that you have completed, sketches, or anything in between. The main aim is to showcase the best of your work to the judges and to the public via the online gallery.

Do I have to be a street artist to enter?

You don't have to be a street artist, or any type of artist, to enter - anyone can enter the competition. We'd like as many members of our community to enter so that we can showcase a diversity of art styles.

Can more than one of my artworks be selected as a finalist?

The judges will be selecting ten individual artists as the ten finalists in order to showcase a diversity of styles, forms, etc. However, it is possible that a finalist may also win the People's Choice Award, as this is voted separately by the public.

Will I be notified when my entries are accepted or rejected for the online gallery?

You will be able to track the uploading of your entries when you log onto the site and view your page. Uploaded entries have been accepted into the competition, however the Selection Committee reserves the right not to upload any entries that are deemed to contain offensive material (as per the Conditions of Entry), and these will not be eligible as entries into the competition.

If I win the competition, am I guaranteed to be able to install my artwork at my chosen site?

It will depend on the site you have chosen. We will need to have the building owner's permission to install your artwork.  If we do not gain permission, we will work with you to choose an alternative site where we can gain permission to install the artwork.

If I win the competition, how much budget will I have to install my artwork?

The budget for installation will depend on the site, size of artwork, medium, etc. We will work with you to develop an appropriate budget to ensure your artwork is showcased appropriately.

The competition entry form states that the Selection Committee reserves the right to negotiate an alternative design for installation with the finalists. When is this likely to occur?

The Selection Committee will work with the finalists to ensure the best art outcome for individual artists and the overall project. The Selection Committee may decide a site-specific artwork is required, for example, or there may be other instances whereby an alternative design is required. In this instance, the Selection Committee will provide a written brief to the artist/s involved.  The artist will have the right to accept or reject the offer to provide an alternative design.